Friday, December 31, 2010

Will man discover a new organ other than mind in future ?

Will a ‘higher’ mind take over the life of man in future ?

Scientists and philosophers of mind mostly believe that mind is the sole organ of knowing, and it knows by observation, followed by the process of  deductive or inductive logic. But this writer had long lingering vibes that man knows first, and then convert it into a UNIT OF KNOWLEDGE OF THE MIND by finding appropriate premises from the 'experience' world. Only this exercise will gain such piece of knowledge acceptability of the mind - it being the sole authority over the sense world- wherein the subject-object mechanism rule the scene.

Knowledge always drops from some other source, most probably by the work of a hidden, not yet identified inner 'seat of 'order', parallel to mind. It works on different principles sans the deductive or inductive logic. This organ supply the knowledge first, and then the mind tries to internalize it for the 'ego', by searching for premises in order to link and associate with some already amassed set of previous information, or arrived at conclusions.

By this process of 'associating', we make the piece of knowledge 'sensible'.

Logic evokes association of a current event or relation with either a well established previous relation between two events or objects,(cause-effect relation) or an event or a relation coming in a known sequence.(not one caused from a given effect, but one event always follows the other in the observed nature) Base for logic at this level is that of 'familiarity'As men always interact at their ego level, they can agree only on truths observable by both the parties.

For agreement on truths of the other genre referred above, which is beyond the subject-object interplay, both parties required to be at the level of the above hinted non-ego mind. In other words, for agreement, both must be using one and the same cognition-organ. An easy exercise to understand this difficulty would be to imagine the interaction between a born blind and a born deaf men. Their realities can never be the same.

In our knowledge, the American philosopher Charles Sanders Peirce was the only one who had once hinted about this hidden source of the origin of hypothesis. He wrote, 'man's hypothesis always drops from up'.

This mystery seat of order always remain immersed in the knowledge pool. Here one simply knows. It is a non-ego self identity zone for every man, perhaps searched by meditating men and spiritualists. His separation from the original source of existence ceases there, hence he is not his social ego there. The more one remains and act from the ego identity, the more he becomes a world entity, and the more he is able to remain, and act as this hidden identity, the more the sense world distant itself from him.

We dare to propose that this hidden identity might be in fact the work of a developing inner organ for man in the evolutionary process, like ‘hand’ was developed into an effective, distinct organ for man as his ape state came to an end !

It is also quite possible that like the milk teeth of a child drop and a new set replaces it in the life span of man, our mind organ, fit only for chewing mild truths, will drop gradually, and a new mind fit for higher kind of truth will take over the life of man one day !

There is an article viz. 'the mystery sparkle called Reason' at our NGO blog site:

- -  wherein this concept of Reason has been elaborated a bit more in detail. It has shown that the 'mind organ' too has been a recent development from his state of 'one single collective mind' of the old herd man.

We invite meaningful responses from all seekers of truth.

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